Automotive Industry

Keep your auto inventory looking sharp by remodeling or building in a new location.

A Drive for Excellence: Automotive Business Building

It can be aggravating to keep business going unaffected when workers are making noise and tearing things apart. Whether you’re engaged in a makeover or just bringing your space up to date, what’s the point of spending money to look beautiful if you’re losing customers while it happens? And of course, the end result should do your brand justice.

That’s why here at BEC Austin, we offer you:

Workers & Processes That Won’t Affect Sales

Our team is here to make sure your build isn’t stressful for you, your team, or your customers. Whether you only have a small lot to work in or just feel concerned about disrupting the flow of traffic—be it road or sales—we have the dealership build experience to keep your business running smoothly every step of the way.

Branding Consistency Across the Board

Embrace a memorable, cohesive style across multiple business locations. Whether you'd like to expand your dealership, update your branding, or just need a new lot, we’ll make sure your vision comes to life beautifully. Wanting to strike a balance between corporate branding and your personal vision? Let’s work together on a solid set of drawings before building begins.

A Tried-and-True Network of Subcontractors

Each dealership we work with has unique needs. That's why we’ve been developing our subcontractor network for over 40 years, and we hand-pick every one to suit your building goals. Get that special touch or finish you need from practiced professionals—no unpleasant surprises! Just a well-knit team determined to go above and beyond to deliver satisfaction.

Ready to co-create the perfect backdrop for your business?

Let’s build you a space that complements the vehicles you sell.