Church & Civic

Looking to serve your neighborhood with a great new space? Let us deliver you a project that not only serves your needs but the needs of your whole community.

Building Inspiration and Community at the same time.

Raising money is hard, and it’s important to make sure that every penny goes to good use. Too many change orders might leave your budget strained and your community confused.

That’s why BEC Austin is here to bring you:

A Higher Calling

From architecture that inspires hope and warmth to multi-purpose spaces that house classes and clubs, we’ll help you nurture a thriving future for our shared community. From recreation centers to worship centers, we'll bring even the most ambitious church or civic building plans to life, on-time and within budget.

A Stunning Finish

We don’t cut corners. High-quality finishes and details are available for every aspect of your building plans: we avoid a "one size fits all approach" because we prefer to honor each individual church or community’s  unique needs. We want to work with you to create a gathering place that every member of your community will be eager to spend time in.

A History of Excellence

With a large, successful portfolio of church and civic builds behind us, we're known to work with the building committee, hold your hand every step of the way, and do whatever it takes for the project go smoothly. Both of BEC Austin’s owners are passionate churchgoers who have worked on many church projects.

Ready to create a space for people to do good?

Do your community justice. Start bringing your vision for the future to life today!