Medical & Dental

Looking to communicate your commitment to healing at a glance? Let us bring your brand to life with a space custom-designed to suit your needs.

Health, Wellness, and a Specialized Space

Whether you’re a general practitioner a specialist, chances are you have equipment that is highly specialized and crucial to your practice. This means you need to have power and water in the right places if you want to get your job done. And of course, your equipment has to be balanced with a finish that will help clients feel safe.

That’s why at BEC Austin, we’re here to deliver you:

Beautiful Practice Centers

Your office tells a story about your patient experience. Let us help you build a positive experience that starts every visit off on the right foot. A great-looking practice center inspires trust and interest in patients and makes the ideal focal point for your hard work. Have several locations that need a consistent look? No problem! We can build from the ground up or retrofit to bring your brand to life in a new place.

Building for Convenience & Efficiency

From labs to exam rooms to recovery rooms, the needs of each medical and dental practice are different. BEC Austin can easily build to your specifications and create an office that's custom-made for your medical or dental workflow. Don't "make it work" with sub-par structures when you could have exactly what you need at your fingertips!

Experienced Vendors & Subs

Special equipment might come with specialized vendors and a variety of subcontracting needs. Thankfully, we’ve had over 40 years to refine our processes and work with many, many, third parties—more than enough to handle your custom vendors and filter which of our subcontractors will go above and beyond to deliver a polished finish.

Ready to experience the same caliber of care you give your clients?

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