Banking Industry

Are you an image-conscious bank looking to communicate credibility and trust at a glance? Discover a partner you can rely on to do your brand justice.

Juggling many vendors and complex building needs with ease

Banks are complicated by nature. To do a new bank location build justice, you need a dedicated project manager with the expertise to juggle it all. Building to spec is only one part of it—ultimately you need an elegant and well-orchestrated place of business that instills trust and make staff lives easy.

At BEC Austin, we’ve built dozens of banks and know exactly how to provide:

Vendor, Subcontractor, and Schedule Alignment

BEC Austin excels at communicating with your entire network of vendors, scheduling appropriately, verifying site certifications, and inspecting finished work at each stage. Rather than stretching your own resources thinner trying to micromanage your contractor, you can put your trust in our dedicated team as your new bank branch comes to life, brick by brick.

Specialized Equipment Installation & Coordination

From high-tech locks and bulletproof glass to pneumatic tubes and millwork, the requirements of a banking building are both specialized and demanding. Thankfully, we’ve had over 40 years to refine our processes and filter which subcontractors can get the job done to deliver a beautiful polished finish.

Happy Customers, Repeat Business

Just like you, we know that the best way to nurture repeat business is to treat our clients right the first time. Just ask Frost Bank, who we've been pleased to partner with for ten branch builds so far. Our clientele returns because we put just as much attention to detail into the first bank branch as the tenth, and will always go the extra mile for our customers as we build.

Looking for a well-built branch that your institution can be proud of?

You can "bank" on BEC Austin for our well-honed skills and our passion for perfection!