Looking to build a strong learning space to help tomorrow's leaders succeed?

Building the Future of Learning

When building a school, there’s a lot more on the line than just a functional space. If it’s not done right, it’s the kids who will bear that burden for years to come. It doesn’t help that school builds are often complicated: with older buildings if you touch one thing, ten other things might pop up before you’re through bringing that piece up to code.

That’s why we offer you our team made up of dads and moms who care, to make sure you get:

Experienced at Building on Your Schedule

Kids are special. Thus, school builds are special, and it’s essential to avoid disrupting their learning process. That’s why we are used to building around the school calendar to make sure building isn’t spilling over into classtime. We also work with you to form realistic timelines for construction and make sure our plans and people are fully on board.

A Safe Environment for Students

Keeping your students safe throughout the construction process is our number one priority, just as we imagine it's yours. Building sites are dangerous, and nobody wants kids to get hurt. Our team is ready to develop a building plan to make sure students and staff alike can enjoy the benefits without the risks. We also recognize that not all concerns are physical—our subs are carefully curated over the past 40 years and have strict guidelines around smoking and swearing onsite.

Up to Code and Worry-Free

Our well-trained construction team will actively examine structures every step of the way on retrofit school sites, alerting you to potential problem areas and offering solutions to minimize future issues. Whether your school building is old and going through renovation or being built from the ground up, our staff and subs work together to keep everything up to code and safe for years to come.

At BEC Austin, we want the focus of your school to remain where it belongs: on your students.

Ready to honor learning with a building team who cares as much as you do?